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The Greentop Planter System has been designed to meet the needs of today’s architects and landscape designers with a lightweight, insulated planter that offers a diverse range of external finishes. Our planters are part of a new generation of environmentally conscious, LEED eligible products that optimize the health and vigor of plants.

The Greentop Planter Division began production in 2005 after extensive engineering and field development of the Ecolite™ and Terrafirm™ planter series. The Ecolite planter is ideal for plantings up to 10’ in height and the Terrafirm planter is recommended for taller plantings up to 15’ in height. The Terrafirm planter can be used for plants over 15’ in height when used with our Surefoot™ stabilization system.

Greentop planters are the only insulated planters currently available for the horticultural industry. Our Ecolite and Terrafirm planters use insulation to protect plants from root damage caused by extreme temperature modulations in temperate or tropical climates. The value of insulation has been well documented, showing an increase in the overall health and hardiness of plants, allowing plantings to live longer without the necessity of yearly replacement.

The Ecolite and Terrafirm planters can be used for rooftops and terraces, or virtually any interior or exterior application. Greentop planters can also be integrated into green roof applications to create grade changes or to screen HVAC units.

Greentop planters can also be constructed for larger planter applications. The light weight of the Greentop planter allows for a wider range of use on rooftops, especially existing roofs whose structures have not been designed to carry loads of rooftop planting infrastructure. As a modular ‘kit of parts”, the Greentop planter can be delivered in sections to rooftops via elevator rather than crane, offering cost savings for renovations, as well as new construction. Greentop planters are expandable to any square or rectangular dimension and configuration which makes possible the installation of large planters in areas of limited access.

The Ecolite and the Terrafirm planters qualify for LEED points when integrated into green roof designs. Additional LEED points are accrued when used in conjunction with our Green Drain™ or Root-Stop™ Drain systems.

We will provide the design and technical assistance necessary to bring your concepts into a well-executed plan. Manufacture and installation by Greentop makes certain that these planters will last for decades. We are so confident about the quality and durability of our product that we offer a 25 year quality guarantee. We use 100% USA-products and manufacturing.