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  Greentop Planters - Root-Stop Drain



The Root-Stop™ drainage system has been designed for use with the Terrafirm planter and is engineered to prevent the migration of aggressive roots to the outside of the planter, thereby maintaining the integrity of the roof membrane. The Root-Stop system makes it possible to use root invasive plants such as bamboo to create biodiversity in plantings on roof top gardens and green roofs.

The drainage portal is 12” wide and 4” tall in a partial circle profile and is made of 120 mm high impact, recycled HDPE. The drain can be located on the sides or the bottom of the planter. When this system is used on the sides of the planter, the drains can be interconnected in tandem, whether at right angles or in straight alignment.

The Roof-Stop drain is also a passive irrigation system, similar to our Green Drain. Water is collected in the bottom of the planter and held at a level of 4” before exiting the drain pipe. This sump area becomes a passive irrigation system, encouraging deep rooting and hydration of the soil. The Root-Stop drainage system has multi-purpose function, mitigating storm run-off while providing maximum water retention in the planter. When combined with our planter system, our Root-Stop drain is eligible for LEED points.