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Clumping Bamboos are vase like in appearance, with new shoots that occur on the outside margin of the parent plant. The Fargesias originate in high altitudes and mountains of Asia. They are the hardiest of all bamboos, remaining evergreen throughout the winter months and tolerating temperatures to -25F.

Fargesia murieliae (Umbrella Bamboo) and Fargesia nitida (Fountain Bamboo) are very similar, with pendulous foliage and a height of about 10 to 12 feet. The major distinction between them is the color of the culms. Fargesia murieliae has powdery blue green culms, while Fargesia nitida has powdery purple culms and finer foliage. There are now many new cultivars of Fargesias that are equally noteworthy. Fargesia dracocephala ‘Rufa’, F. robusta, F. scabrida, F. augustissima, and F. nitida ‘Juizhaigou’ are similar in form and foliage with green, blue and red culm colors.

Tropical clumping bamboos grow well in Zones 8-11 and offer a diverse range of culm colors – blue, green, orange, yellow and black. Most tropical bamboos grow from 15-30’ in height and make good interior plants.

Clumping bamboos, whether temperate or tropical, make beautiful evergreen hedges or specimen plantings. They are magnificent when planted near the edge of a pond where the water reflects their vase-like or pendulous branching.